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Carolyn Murphy: The Supers were wild

Carolyn Murphy: The Supers were wild

Carolyn Murphy used to be "really naughty".

The 40-year-old beauty was scouted at 15 and has been modelling ever since, posing for big names such as Estée Lauder, Max Mara and the Pirelli Calendar.

Having found fame at the same time as other iconic supermodels, there was plenty of fun to be had on the fashion scene.

"Initially, I was reluctant. I was such a Southern country bumpkin; so insecure and shy. The fashion lifestyle scared me a bit," she told The Edit.

"Back then, it was late nights drinking and partying with Kate [Moss], Amber [Valletta] and Shalom [Harlow], but having to show up the next day and hopefully [still] having a career. It was super-fun but we were really naughty... The girls today are so professional!"

Alongside her career Carolyn is a mother to 13-year-old daughter Dylan. One thing she ensures is that the teenager is aware of how her mum transforms herself for certain jobs, but luckily Dylan is aware of her career and is supportive.

However Carolyn can't reassure all young females that they don't have to look flawless all the time, something she is aware of while browsing social media.

"It's not even voyeurism anymore. It's beyond that. The girls are told that they have to have a certain amount of followers, [so they] exploit themselves as a result," the model sighed. "I had to stop following some of them; I just can't see their rear end any more or airbrushed selfies with the pout. I just can't."

She does use Instagram herself but sticks to her "seniority rules" to create a sense of mystery.

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