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Caroline Flack's hair disaster

Caroline Flack's hair disaster

Caroline Flack's biggest hair disaster was dyeing it purple.

The 'Love Island' presenter can't believe she once had purple locks and admits it was a bad look for her.

She said: "The worst beauty advice I've ever been given is a piece I gave myself, 'dye your hair purple Caroline'.

"Oh god that purple hair, it was bleached and it was coloured on top, I did it myself."

And the 36-year-old television presenter has been working hard on her figure by cutting out sugar for 12 weeks.

She said: "I cut sugar out completely for 12 weeks, and now I'm bringing it back in in dribs and drabs. I thought I was going to have really big withdrawal symptoms, but I had none, I just had cravings, it really worked.

"I spent a lot of time indoors, because the temptations were outdoors, for me, the beginning of this year was just doing exercise, work, yoga, home, sleep, you know that kind of thing, it was very military. I guess I went a bit cold turkey to be honest and I did everything at once. Everyone just kept texting asking me when I was going to get my personality back, I was like, 'I'm still here guys.'"

Meanwhile, Caroline also revealed she is hitting the gym in the hope of having a six pack by Christmas.

She told OK! Online: "My goal was to get a six pack in at the beginning of the year, that was my New Year's resolution. I got two bits of definition on my stomach when I did Women's Health, but for a job I'm doing next year I need a six pack, that's my aim. I've got 5 months to do that - operation six pack."