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Caroline de Maigret's mood-based style

Caroline de Maigret's mood-based style

Caroline de Maigret dresses according to her mood, whether it's sexy or tranquil.

The French fashion star has been a staple in the industry since the '90s, walking for big brands such as Chanel, Prada and Balenciaga. She currently resides in the stylish city of Paris with her partner Yarol Poupaud and their son Anton, boasting a "big mess" of a wardrobe in her home.

"But the only thing is that I know that all those pieces I can wear all the time and they’ll fit my body," she grinned to of her closet. "When I wake up I know that the pieces I’m going to take off from the closet are going to be fine. You can be in a good mood or a bad mood, feel sexy that morning or feeling very tranquil and relaxed. I know all the pieces will fit that mood.”

It was in the French capital where Caroline was discovered, though she had no real interest in modelling until realising this career could provide her with financial stability. Her first ever job was working with famed photographer Mario Testino for French Glamour, so it's no surprise she's an expert when it comes to picking clothes to wear.

In fact she's even branched out into creating her own pieces with Australian brand Blue Illusion.

“They’re all those classic colours that I love; navy and blue, very earthy colours and textures," she said of the range. "Very effortless, it’s what you keep in your closet that you can take out every season. There’s a lot of denim as well, which is very cute and essential of the Parisian girl, so I am very happy."

It isn't just Caroline's choice of garments that make her such an icon in the world of style, as her bed-head hairdo is another area of envy. She's so used to the finish that the star has no plans to ditch her famous fringe.

“I’ve tried (to grow it out) but once you’ve come to stage where it’s between long and short and you know at the end of the day a fringe suits you, it might be the best choice. It hides those wrinkles!” she grinned.

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