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Carolina Castiglioni: My mother's a style icon

Carolina Castiglioni: My mother's a style icon

Carolina Castiglioni first fashion memory is her mother looking "very modern" at the school gates.

The 34-year-old star is the special projects creative director at Marni, the fashion company her mum Consuelo Castiglioni founded in 1994.

While style has always been part of Carolina's life, it wasn't everything to her when she was a child.

"Growing up in the Marni household was really normal for me. It might seem glamorous from the outside, but it was nothing special, just really natural," she told British magazine InStyle. "Fashion was always there. I remember my friends saying my mum was really cool. My earliest memories of her style were that she was very modern when I compared her to the other mothers at school. My grandmother on my father's side also has a really particular style. She's in her eighties now and always wears Marni in a really sophisticated and elegant way."

Marni is known for using flowers in its designs, with either full-on bloom patterns featured or simpler motifs added to pieces - grey tweed coats featured a black printed flower in the label's Autumn/Winter 15 collection.

This inspiration has meant a lot to Consuelo for years, as Carolina can remember them featuring in her wardrobe when she was little. That's not to say her mum dressed her in particularly fashion-forward looks though.

"My mother's taste in children's clothes is quite classic, but in her way of course. She really loves stripes and flowers, and likes a child to look like a child, not a mini woman, so we wore nothing super-strange or strong as children," she explained. "When I was a teenager, I didn't steal clothes from my mother's wardrobe. At the age of 14, I just wanted to look like my friends, so I wore what everyone else at school was wearing. Then, when I was 17, my mother told me to try to follow my own style and taste, and that's when I started to borrow clothes from her. It was also when I started to love fashion."

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