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Carol Lim inspired by talking

Carol Lim inspired by talking

Opening Ceremony's Carol Lim and Humberto Leon enjoy a "constant dialogue" about their collections, which keeps them inspired.

The pair are the brains behind the cult US store, and they are also the creative directors of the brand Kenzo. They are famed for using bold colours and patterns in their lines, with Carol explaining coming up with ideas has never been a problem for them.

"When people ask us about the highlights of our career, to me the biggest one is working with Humberto. We have a constant dialogue that fuels our creativity," she told

"We are both very involved in the design of the prints. Our inspirations come from so many different areas: Film, art, music, food, books, travel. Culture in general. Also, our experiences growing up, and the memories we have around certain times."

Carol has conquered something a little different for her latest role; she's created a limited edition Chandon Rosé bottle. It's a largely pink design, featuring a variety of women's faces, and she came up with the idea thanks to the "epic hangouts" she and Humberto enjoy with their friends. The designer wanted the bottle to feel energetic and light, helping lift drinkers' moods and encouraging them to have fun.

The use of a design was very important to Carol too, because that's such an iconic part of Opening Ceremony.

"I always say it's about one's personal style," she advised. "I am a fan of brights and pattern, and I like to mix the two as well. But sometimes it's nice to just add a hint of it."

This isn't the only new project Carol has been working on of late. Opening ceremony has teamed up with fashion brand Galvan and Swarovski to create a clothing range. The pieces offer the stunning evening vibe Galvan is known for, encrusted with the iconic jewels, and there will be items which are only available from Opening Ceremony.

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