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Carine Roitfeld takes perfectionism to Uniqlo

Carine Roitfeld takes perfectionism to Uniqlo

Fashion star Carine Roitfeld applied her extreme "pickiness" when designing for Uniqlo.

In what some might see as an unlikely move, the former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris has teamed up with the Japanese high-street store on a 40-piece collection. The retailer is usually known for its casual offerings, but 61-year-old Carine has given her personal touch to the label, adding items like pencil skirts and a leopard-print coat.

"It’s about the proportions," she told of the design process. "You know, it’s not about a new sort of jacket – everything is very simple but everything is perfect. I’m very picky. I want my skirt this length (points to the above-knee hemline of her skirt), my sweaters are this neckline (she motions a boat-neck cut), the coat is to be a bit shorter than the skirt... My skirts have pockets... I have these little tricks."

Carine laughs off the notion that she wouldn't be the type to shop at high-street stores and insists that when not on the front row, she keeps things very casual.

"OK, maybe my friends are very high designer but my life is very simple," she smiled. "I’m with my kids... running around all the time... And you know (points at T-shirt) wine glasses, after the summer... and full of holes (from) cigarettes, my granddaughter will pull (the hem), it will be totally like, er, a punk T-shirt."

The collection is a little more glamorous and filled with sexy silhouettes. However nothing is overly revealing, which was important to Carine.

"I think everyone can be sexy if you feel comfortable," she stated. "It’s more sexy (to be) covered than totally naked; when I see the girl with a miniskirt and a deep V, it’s too much."

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