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Carine Roitfeld: I fulfil fashion fantasies

Carine Roitfeld: I fulfil fashion fantasies

Carine Roitfeld thinks fashion is full of fantasies.

The former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris and founder of CR Fashion Book is famed for her journalistic flare and trendy outfits. She's never changed her taste in clothes, describing her looks as "timeless" and has channelled this approach into her latest designing venture.

"I wanted to use that as the basis for the Carine Roitfeld for Uniqlo collection," she explained to "It's not about one individual garment, it's about how all of the different pieces fit together. That's why I wanted to give people access not just to my wardrobe but to the way I approach dressing. Fashion to me is about fantasy. Many people fantasise about what it's like to work in fashion, but it shouldn't have to be a dream."

By wearing her creations, Carine hopes every woman will feel sexy, confident and powerful. Garments in the collection include a black silk camisole and a dark wet-look shirt, which she believes reflect the fashion world perfectly. She had a clear idea in mind from the beginning of this venture, aiming to make her customer stand out from the crowd effortlessly.

"I am not someone who believes that fashion should be inaccessible," she continued. "Fashion is about showing people what they can do with their own wardrobe, and offering creative ways to spice up their everyday look. I wanted to show people how to do that by mixing in elements of my signature style."

Carine often shares her style secrets and any advice she is given by fellow experts in the industry. Tom Ford is one person whose comments she values having worked as his consultant during his time at Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent.

"He told me, ‘Each 10 years you have to go back to your wardrobe and you have to edit,'" she previously told "The secret of a woman is to wear what is good for her."

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