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Cara: I'm not the same girl as in the pictures

Cara: I'm not the same girl as in the pictures

Cara Delevingne doesn't see much of herself in modelling photos.

The 23-year-old beauty started out on the runway but has now decided to move her career into acting. Maybe part of her change of heart is that fact that she doesn't identify with the high-fashion shots of herself.

"A big part of these pictures is the work of other people: photographers, make-up artists..." she reasoned to German magazine Jolie. "And then there's all the PhotoShop. You actually don't get to see much of me in those photos."

The British beauty spoke candidly in an interview with The Times recently about her start in the fashion industry and how it made her feel. She admits she was exposed to many things that made her feel older than she is and caused her to "hate" herself and her body.

Cara was already receiving heaps of attention as one of the hottest models, but now roles in films like Paper Towns and Pan have seen her star soar further. Personally, she can't see why everyone is so interested in her.

"Not at all," she marvelled. "I just see myself the way I am - pretty normal - and can't see that there's anything special about me that would justify all this attention. I'm just doing my job and am extremely lucky to have reached this point in my career. Sure, I work hard, I'm ambitious and want to achieve a great deal - but I don't think I'm something special."

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