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Cara Delevingne's mum Pandora: 'I worry'

Cara Delevingne's mum Pandora: 'I worry'

Cara and Poppy Delevingne’s mother Pandora worries about her model daughters' "stressful lives".

The blonde beauties are the toast of the fashion world, with 23-year-old Cara one of the globe’s most in demand models and Poppy, 29, enjoying designing work alongside modelling gigs.

Their mother Pandora also has a flair for fashion, often making her own clothes as well as recently opening her own pop-up boutique at her home, which she dubs a “grown-up jumble sale”.

“I worry about them all the time,” she sighed to Britain’s Grazia magazine. “The lives they lead are so frenetic and stressful. They’re always flying around the world and call from Los Angeles, Brazil and Japan. I worry if they’re safe and being looked after, if they’re being treated well, if directors are being decent, if they’re having enough time off. You worry about burnout.”

Pandora also has daughter Chloe with husband Charles Hamar Delevingne, with all three girls boasting the family’s good looking genes. However growing up, life was far from harmonious as Pandora battled an addiction to heroin, that both Cara and Poppy have previously opened up about.

Talking about her daughters individually, Pandora explains how much they differ from one another.

“Cara is crazy like me, but she also makes very wise decisions,” she smiled. “She is actually very sensible but she was always different. She only ever wanted to wear football stripes and camouflage trousers when she was growing up.

“Poppy is so beautiful and ethereal. When she walks into a room every head turns. And Chloe is a wonderful mother and is brilliant with her children, which I’m thrilled about.”

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