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Cara Delevingne: My fans relate to me

Cara Delevingne: My fans relate to me

Cara Delevingne likes showing her fans that she battles the same problems as them.

The model-and-actress is a huge figure on social media, often promoting new campaigns on Instagram and Twitter. But while her life looks super glamorous, she mainly likes using the internet to connect with her followers and prove she's just like them.

"I've really noticed that fans are just really happy when I pay them some attention on social media," she explained to the German edition of Glamour magazine. "They realise that I deal with the same problems as them and it gives them strength if I dole out some advice here and there."

Cara, 22, is slowly turning her back on modelling, moving more and more into movies. Among them are Pan, Paper Towns and The Face of an Angel.

"Modelling was never my first choice, it's a bit of a soulless job, but I've realised that's a good way to get your name known," she reasoned. "As an actor I can delve deeper into the character and I'm able to show a range of emotions. That's more my kind of thing. I want to play everything: mass murderers, crazy people, people in love, sad people and complicated teenagers, who are just trying to find their place in the world."

Despite her preference for acting, Cara remains a big face in the fashion world. But it looks like she's making her divorce from the runway official, with rumours she's quit her modelling agency.

“Cara left Storm a month ago but it’s been kept very much on the down-low. The reality is Cara doesn’t see her future in modelling now and with the acting taking off she didn’t need the pressure of the agency," an insider told British newspaper The Sun.

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