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Cara Delevingne longs for everlasting make-up

Cara Delevingne longs for everlasting make-up

Cara Delevingne wishes there was make-up which stayed on forever.

The British model-and-actress is known for her dramatic beauty looks, often rocking dark eyes and a nude lip while on the red carpet. Although she’s able to get her hands on all the cosmetics in the world, what Cara truly wishes for doesn’t yet exist.

“I would like to invent make-up that stays on your face forever,” she smiled to “I would like to tattoo all my make-up on, but I know that already exists. Really, I’d get it (tattooed) if you could remove it, so if you wanted to it could still last forever.”

Cara is able to share her love of beauty even more so now she’s the face of Rimmel, taking over from fellow fashion star Kate Moss. The 24-year-old currently stars in campaigns for the brand’s Scandaleyes Reloaded mascara and during her interview shared some tips on how people can get enviable, length lashes like hers.

“I try to put conditioning stuff on my eyelashes,” she explained. “I’m lucky that I have long eyelashes, thanks to my family. But I use eyelash curlers and sometimes I’ll add a fake eyelash. But I always make sure I get every single hair when I do my mascara. Getting them perfectly spread out is key.”

The star is also famed for her thick eyebrows and urged girls aiming to create the same finish to keep the hair as “wild as possible” to allow the natural shape of the brow to form. She’s flattered by the attention surrounding her statement features, but admits she hadn’t always embraced them.

“When I was a kid, I used to be really ashamed of them,” she noted. “I was always really scared of them because they’re really big. So it’s really nice now, especially to inspire other girls to be comfortable with their own.”

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