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Cara Delevingne hits out at 'perverse' photographers

Cara Delevingne hits out at 'perverse' photographers

Cara Delevingne has hit out at "perverse" photographers.

The 22-year-old model-and-actress is not afraid to speak her mind when it comes to the darker side of the modelling industry and has blasted those who take advantage of their position to bed young women.

Cara told The Sun newspaper: "I saw a lot of misuse from photographers, perverse photographers, to young girls. A lot of straight photographers only do this because they want to sleep with models. [There have been] bad, bad experiences - poor girls who don't stand up for themselves because you feel you should be used, because that's what models do."

This is not the first time Cara - who is dating singer St. Vincent - has exposed the "disgusting" things that go on behind the glamorous catwalks and fancy photoshoots and shared how those starting out are often "subjected" to disturbing situations.

While discussing the promiscuous poses and levels of nudity models are seduced to, Cara previously said: "It's horrible and disgusting [We're talking about] young girls. You start when you're really young and you do, you get subjected to... not great stuff."

But, Cara has admitted she is good at standing up for herself now and other people now she's a little bit older.