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Candice Swanepoel: My dogs see my secrets

Candice Swanepoel: My dogs see my secrets

Candice Swanepoel would only ever ugly cry in front of her dogs.

The blonde model owns pooches Lna and Milo, both Jack Russell terriers, and absolutely dotes on them.

As well as providing love and affection for Candice, the dogs also get to see her as no one else does.

"My dogs would describe me as slightly crazy, emotional and fun. I'm a big lovefest when I see them and tend to over-kiss them. They get a little annoyed," she smiled to People magazine.

"There are some things I'd only do in front of them; I've cried a really ugly cry, or I've put on some dancehall or nice reggae music and gone for it while they just stared."

Candice is known for her work with lingerie giant Victoria's Secret and has also worked for Tom Ford, Miu Miu and Ralph Lauren, among other big name brands.

Her work takes her all over the globe, with the South African beauty making sure her pooches are always in tow.

"I started travelling with them quite early on, and they live in between New York and Brazil, where I like to take them into the mountains a lot. I don't really pamper them, so they're not sissy dogs," she laughed.

It's not just global travel for the hounds though; they also get to hobnob with the pets of other A-list models.

"Erin Heatherton has a French bulldog, Edie, who Luna used to play with. I also once took her to meet Behati Prinsloo's hairless cat, but it didn't work out!" Candice exclaimed.

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