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Campbell: Burberry is brave

Campbell: Burberry is brave

Naomi Campbell is delighted that Burberry "took a risk" by casting two black women in a campaign.

The British supermodel starred in the label's Spring/Summer 15 adverts alongside Jourdan Dunn. Although she has been involved in numerous shoots over the years, this one was extra special for Naomi.

"We've had a long-standing relationship and to be a part of the Burberry family again 14 years later, it's overwhelming," she told The Cut. "Honestly, working with [creative director] Christopher Bailey and his team all over the world - they're so professional. It's fun and I don't even look at it like it's work. I've done some great jobs with them and great events. It's just fun. It's like a family, a great family to work with. To be in the campaign with Jourdan was really amazing. It's good to see two black women in a campaign and Christopher took that risk. I can't thank him enough."

Naomi was talking at a Burberry dinner which was held in Manhattan, New York City, earlier this week. She was co-hosting the event and it was in honour of British artist Ed Atkins.

As she walked in the star was heard asking if there was any confectionary at the party, with Naomi later explaining that on a previous occasion there had been hordes of sweets. She was excited to see if that was the case this time around - although not so she could tuck in, rather to look at it.

"Because it was all British candy. It reminded me of my childhood," she explained, before gushing about her favourite chocolate bars. "Oh my God, so many. Sooooo many. Curly Wurly. Love Hearts. It's like a little candy in the shape of hearts, and they say things like 'Miss You So Much' or 'Be My Valentine'."

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