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Camille Seydoux's surreal Roger Vivier range

Camille Seydoux's surreal Roger Vivier range

Camille Seydoux didn't believe an offer to work with Roger Vivier was real at first.

The stylist, and older sister of actress Lea Seydoux, was approached by the famed footwear label at the end of 2015 to create a range of shoes and accessories. It was a daunting project for Camille as the brand is so iconic, so she had to take extra precaution in ensuring things were spot on.

"Very carefully, I guess!" she smiled to when asked how she convinced the fashion house to mix things up. "They called me and said, 'Camille, can you do a collaboration with us?' I'd never done anything like that before - only in my dreams - so of course, I was like, 'Yes, yes, yes!'

"Actually, truthfully, I said, 'Uh, okay,' because I was kind of nervous, and I didn't believe it was real. I was like, 'Do you mean this is a true collaboration? Can I do whatever I want?' And they were like, 'Of course, but you have to respect the codes of the house.'"

Camille managed to do this, but also brought her own voice to the label, which led her to suggest using denim as a base material for the line.

Growing up in France, Camille learnt a lot about style during her younger years. Rather than customise her own denim garments she'd take good care of them as they were important to her.

"Even now, when I showed the Roger Vivier team my ideas, I didn't cut up actual jeans, I just made them a mood board," she added. "I try not to cut up clothes - things can go wrong (laughing)."

To top the collaboration off, Roger Vivier chose Camille to star in a commercial for the collection alongside French actress Lola Le Lann. The experience was so surreal that Camille found herself giggling a lot during her time on set, where she was also joined by her actress and director friend Lubna Playoust.

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