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Camille Seydoux's daughter's model dream

Camille Seydoux's daughter's model dream

Camille Seydoux's daughter wants to be a model after soaking in haute couture at Paris Fashion Week.

The stylist and designer, whose sister is movie star Lea Seydoux, works hard to balance her family life and career as she looks after her little girl and son. It's sometimes difficult to strike harmony between the two areas of her life, but luckily Camille's mini me enjoys the fast-pace of fashion.

"What complicates it for me is when I'm travelling," she told Hello! Fashion Monthly. I have a great nanny and I'm really close to my children's father (ex Olivier), so I try to have all my business meetings when they're not with me.

"But fashion week is hard because they don't see me much - my son hates it! Lucky for me, it's only four times a year and I only do the Paris shows. I took my daughter for the first time to the most recent haute couture fashion week and she wants to be a model now!"

The pair soaked in Jean Paul Gaultier's "magical" line, with Camille's little one loving everything about the vibe of the event, "from the music to meeting Christian Louboutin".

The fashionista's latest venture is a denim shoe line with brand Roger Vivier, which she recently admitted felt surreal when offered to her. Camille is an accessories fan and took into account a whole ensemble when designing the footwear.

"I love when accessories make an outfit and I love patchwork denim so I wanted to make pieces which were modern but also timeless," she smiled. "As a stylist, I try to do the whole package from the hair to the make-up to the shoes and the bags - styling isn't just about a beautiful dress. The industry isn't that easy and people are always going t be judgemental and critical."

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