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Burberry show seasonless collection

Burberry show seasonless collection

Burberry's new unisex "seasonless" collection has gone on sale in over 100 countries.

The British fashion house - the first to offer see now, buy now, in 2010 - shunned separate menswear and womenswear presentations in favour of one show in London on Monday (19.09.16) evening and the runway items were made instantly available in their Regent Street store and online.

While designer Christopher Bailey insists the company don't have "all the answers", he admitted the new streamlined show, which featured both male and female models sporting similar looks, made for a much calmer way of working.

He said: "We thought long and hard before doing this.

"We're not saying we have all the answers. This is definitely trial and error and it's key that we feel as a company we can do that. But if anything, this new way of working freed up the design team.

"It was actually a much calmer season because we planned it so much in advance, which gave us more time to unpack the story-telling and ensure our customers feel the same things in store as we did when we were designing it."

The designer took inspiration from Virginia Woolf's novel 'Orlando' - a copy of which was gifted to everyone at the show, including Cara Delevingne, Lily James, Alexa Chung, Nicholas Hoult and Jenna Coleman - and its themes of timelessness and gender fluidity.

He said: "What I love about Orlando is that nothing is specific to one time or one gender.

"It is a book about emotion and beauty, which is what I feel fashion is about."

The models were deliberately made up so there was no "true divide" between genders.

Burberry make-up artist consultant Wendy Rowe said: "There's no true divide between masculine and feminine this time, with the girls that could pass as boys, and boys so beautiful, they could possibly be girls.

"Aside from a bit more eye [contour], it's the same make-up used on the girls and the boys. We're really blurring the lines."