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Bruno Frisoni: Tom Ford video was a masterstroke

Bruno Frisoni: Tom Ford video was a masterstroke

Bruno Frisoni has praised Tom Ford for revitalising the way modern fashion shows are staged.

Ford has taken several steps to freshen up the world of fashion over the last few seasons, from refusing to allow his presentations to be photographed so he can fully control his vision, to ditching the catwalk completely in favour of a video debuting his recent Spring/Summer 16 line. It's long been argued the traditional Fashion Week shows have become bloated thanks to too many guests and super-high budgets, with Roger Vivier designer Frisoni impressed with Ford's stance.

"The way collections are shown, whatever it is, fashion shows or still presentation, as we do, I think something new can be done," he told The Cut. "I was amazed by and found fantastic what Tom Ford has done. Not doing a show, but just a video. It was very strong. It's kind of breaking news to do so. This was a production, but with not so much money, and with a very good result."

Lady Gaga appeared in the footage, which Frisoni saw as a masterstroke too. Apart from anything it ensured people were interested in what was being planned - something Frisoni believes is essential for the current market.

"It's really connected with what people want today," he said. "You have to be connected to social networks, you have to be connected with bloggers. It has to be immediate."

That said, the designer would like to see a slight return to how things used to be. He can't get on board with how quickly people want things turned around in this day and age, as for him part of the joy in a find is the anticipation.

"I just ordered, two days ago, something that was not in my size - the fabric was the one I wanted but it wasn't the right size," he explained. "And they said, 'We can have it made for you. You just have to wait four weeks.' I know that in four weeks it will arrive and it will be like a little present. I will have forgotten in four weeks that I was about to receive such things."

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