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Blumarine goes transparent

Blumarine goes transparent

Blumarine went with the flow at Milan Fashion Week this morning (25Sep15), presenting a range of floaty pieces.

Models helped showcase the designs first thing this morning, in what is set to be an action-packed day of fashion.

One of the big looks was transparency, as it was on the Burberry catwalk in London. Models were seen in mesh dresses which allowed their bodies to shine through, some wearing nude-coloured versions and others in black, with their underwear clearly on show. Obviously that won’t be a look everyone will want to emulate, so for those who are more modest, there were flowers strategically placed over the chest and some versions were teamed with trench coats or bomber jackets.

Proving designer Anna Molinari is anything but a one-trick pony, looks then segued into flowing dresses and skirts. These fell to mid-thigh and were often loose rather than slim-fitting, paired with things like tucked-in shirts.

Body-conscious women were catered for as well, with the trend for crop tops continuing. One was given a modern feel as it boasted half sleeves and was teamed with a matching black skirt, featuring a layered front.

Drawing the collection together was the colour black, a surprising choice for Spring/Summer 16. Although there were some outfits which were entirely black, more interesting was the way it was paired with other shades. So a transparent nude skirt had a heavy black coat over it, or a striped nude and beige maxi-dress was teamed with a floor-length black sleeveless waistcoat.

Emporio Armani also showed this morning (25Sep15), and pink was the order of the day. All shades, from dusky to coral, were catered for, often teamed with grey.

Things began with light grey, wide-legged trousers, paired with simple pale pink sweaters and cardigans. As things wore on, shorts were the order of the day, coming in shiny grey and bold multi-coloured florals. There was also a wash of tangerine, used for simple shift dresses, shorts and macs, which gave the catwalk an injection of excitement.

Shows continue over the weekend (26-27Sep15), with Bottega Veneta, Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana and Missoni showing.

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