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Blake Lively doesn't 'shove big meals' down her throat

Blake Lively doesn't 'shove big meals' down her throat

Blake Lively doesn't "shove big meals" down her throat, according to her personal trainer Don Saladino.

The 28-year-old actress has embarked on a healthy eating plan with the help of the fitness guru, which sees the blonde beauty eat high quality nutrient dense meals and not gorge on large plates of food.

Speaking to about Blake's diet overhaul, Don said: "I don't think putting someone into a caloric deficit, meaning restricting their calories, is the right thing to do. This is why a lot of coaches and a lot of people are unsuccessful.

"Blake might make herself a couple of eggs cooked in coconut oil, and she might throw some fresh vegetables in there. If she's really hungry, because the human body changes all the time, she may add some gluten-free oats with some fruit. Early in the day, a big priority is hydrating, feeding her food with proper nutrients, which balances her sugar levels, and then not depriving her of everything she loves.

"The one thing she's always done a good job with is that she doesn't overeat. She's not shoving big meals [down] her throat. She's never really in the mood to because she's keeping herself properly fuelled throughout the day."

However, the mother-of-one - who has 17-month-old daughter James and is expecting her second child with her husband Ryan Reynolds - is allowed to indulge with a few Italian cuisines without impacting too much on Don's diet plan.

Don explained: "80 per cent of the week, you're really good, and 20 per cent you leave for error and having fun. Lively doesn't drink, so that's not really an issue, but she does like pasta and pizza, and she has the ability to make room for that once in a while.

"She can handle a meal here and there during the week if she wanted to dive into something that she enjoys. She can do that and not be all screwed up.

"She never questions me. She always does what I want her to do."