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Betsey Johnson shuns on-trend fashion

Betsey Johnson shuns on-trend fashion

Betsey Johnson's style strength is never being on trend.

The kooky fashion designer is still going strong at 73, with 14 categories to her name including clothing, jewellery and bedding. Despite beginning her career in the '60s Betsey's offerings are just as relevant now as they were decades ago, and she believes it's down to her offbeat punk-rock aesthetic.

“That’s why I’m still around," she explained to of her longevity. “When I had the stores, the strength of my work then was that I wasn’t on trend. I was either too early or too late. Every time I did plaid people would say, ‘No one’s doing plaid,’ and I would say, 'there’s nothing like plaid.' What’s my favourite? A red MacGregor (pattern) plaid. Polka dots you can’t beat, stripes, you can’t beat... I’m very happy that I’ve had up to 50 years year of working in the garment centre with my name in the labels.”

In keeping with shunning trends, Betsey doesn't select particular colour palettes for different seasons. She's all about pinks, yellows and reds - shades that make people happy.

With her platinum blonde hair, brightly coloured lipstick and heavily lined eyes, Betsey is certainly a cut above the rest with her own appearance. Thanks to her ever-busy schedule the designer is always on the move, jetting around the globe for work or to London where she gets her hair extensions.

Her inspiration is constantly changing too, and right now her daughter Lulu's little girl is serving as Betsey's muse. No matter what the occasion, Betsey's mind is rarely far from fashionable thoughts.

“I’m just into it," she smiled. "It’s an ongoing process. I’m always looking, thinking and imagining. I get the real the fun part. The crazy ideas. I get to work with all of my design teams who are great across the board. It’s always on your mind. It’s just like that Willie Nelson song, you’re Always On My Mind."

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