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Betsey Johnson: 'I'm really a slob!'

Betsey Johnson: 'I'm really a slob!'

Betsey Johnson is a “comfortable slob” away from the spotlight.

The kooky designer is known for her flamboyant creations and bleach blonde hair, though when she isn’t at showbiz events, like the 2017 Accessories Council Excellence (ACE) Awards on Monday night (07Aug16), Betsey drops the bold outfits for more relaxed attire.

“I’m living in Malibu now, so it's usually the same T-shirt,” she told New York Daily News. “I am such a comfortable slob. I never dress fashion. I never wear anything but flip flops, a big T-shirt - usually Bowie or rock 'n' roll, and my lipstick. I don't even wear all that make-up s**t anymore. Just fake eyelashes.”

Her distinct appearance and designs haven’t gone unnoticed though, and at the ACE Awards she was recognised as the night’s Style Icon, having founded her namesake label back in 1978.

Betsey’s life hasn’t always been glitz and glam though; in 2012 she filed for bankruptcy and she’s also fought off breast cancer in the past. She now marks her health battle via bright pink touches in her pieces.

“Crazy,” she said of her recent honour. “It means that it only took me 55 years. And I never wanted to be a style icon because my style was a little off centre. But the idea that they are giving me that title is really very far out and evolved.”

The fashionista shows no signs of slowing down, even as she celebrates her 75th birthday on Thursday. Admitting she is fully aware that she isn’t ageless, the platinum blonde star sighed, “I’m not celebrating birthdays too much anymore. I’ll celebrate something else... 70 was okay, 71... But 75 is frightening.”

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