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Betsey Johnson: I let men take advantage

Betsey Johnson: I let men take advantage

Betsey Johnson gets used and abused by men.

The legendary designer is known for her sense of fun, and normally delights her catwalk audiences with cartwheels on the runway.

The 73-year-old is currently single, after being married twice before. She shunned the idea of going to a matchmaker as the dating professional wanted $250,000, and also has no interest in Tinder.

"I can't. That's the problem. Most guys just use and abuse me. They're [usually] musicians or cooks or something completely out of left field so that they don't remind me of my work. But I let them take advantage of me," she admitted to Paper magazine.

Betsey has been in fashion for 50 years, and her own quirky styles are well reflected in her colourful offerings.

Admitting she was a show off as little girl, Betsey followed a career in fashion after being inspired by her dancing costumes. She's amassed a large group of devotees, and after she sold her company to Steve Madden (she stayed on as creative director) in 2010, Betsey really got to see how much she meant to them.

"Since we sold the company, my fans are coming out of the woodwork with tears in their eyes. I was feeling bad about it, but everyone tells me how much they loved what I did. The CFDA thing [her recent Lifetime Achievement Award] is like the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval from my industry.

"You know, when I started I did about ten different jobs before I went on my own. Even when I worked for other people - Capezio, Neiman footwear, Gant for Men - I had my name in the label. I mean, 50 f**king years, my name in the label. And that said I had control, which is the game to me. I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, and that was in charge," she explained.

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