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Belstaff wins counterfeit case

Belstaff wins counterfeit case

Belstaff is set to receive $42 million after winning a counterfeit case against 676 offending websites.

The fashion house filed a US civil lawsuit in June (15) upon discovering various online outlets were selling fake goods under its name. Working alongside company MarkMonitor, which focuses on enterprise brand protection, Belstaff uncovered a staggering 3,000 websites promoting sham products such as knockoff leather jackets and outdated designs.

Elena Mauri, head of the British brand's legal team, shared the outcome through a statement. "We are delighted with the results from the ruling," she commented. "There are other high profile luxury brands that have taken advantage of the US counterfeiting law, however we believe that our case has set the bar even higher due to the unprecedented number of sites that were taken down in one go."

Of the thousands of websites exposed, around 800 were operated by a single person based in China. Belstaff and MarkMonitor's case also ceased operation of the top 20 counterfeit websites listed, meaning they wiped out the worst offenders.

Belstaff is a heritage brand famous for its classic designs. With the colder weather creeping in around the UK, the label has plenty of warm cover-ups in its Autumn/Winter 15 range. VP of men's design, Frederik Dyhr, revealed earlier this year (15) the inspiration behind the current line.

"The reference 'Ton-up' originated from late '50s Britain when young road rebels would use it to refer to themselves," he explained to "To be a Ton-up boy was to have motorcycle riding skills that would get you to the speed of 100mph. During this period and into the early 1960s, they looked to the US for inspiration for style inspiration, mixing traditional leather and wax cotton motorcycle gear with British army surplus pieces for protection and warmth. Customisation was important."

Another strength of Belstaff’s is its famous faces. Ewan McGregor previously fronted campaigns and former soccer hunk David Beckham is currently gracing ads.

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