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Bella Hadid's new make-up tutorial

Bella Hadid's new make-up tutorial

Bella Hadid has appeared in a new make-up tutorial for Dior.

The 19-year-old model was seen with a high ponytail and a neutral, dewy base as she mused on how to change up her look for a date with James Brown's 'I Feel Good' soundtracking the clip.

She said in the clip: "I have to get ready for this date, what should I wear? Rouge Dior for sure - I love this bright red smile. And Lip Glow - the perfect reviving base."

Bella then texted a selfie to Dior's Creative and Image Director for Make-Up, Peter Philips, and received a reply suggesting she try Matte 999.

Bella noted: "Matte means perfect hold - no compromise."

The model is then seen prepping her lips with Fix It to "smooth and even" the lip colour, before shaping her mouth.

She explained: "Fix It to smooth and even the lip colour, then Dior Contour [lip liner] and [Rouge Dior] in 999 Matte. Lovely."

She then texted another selfie to Peter, who suggested an ombre lip.

Bella explained the technique: "First mist the darkest shade in the contour. Then premiere the brightest shade in the centre."

After telling Peter she was "not sure", he told her to be more daring, prompting her to try a much darker lip, which met with his approval.

The clip ends with the brunette beauty - who is dating The Weeknd - writing 'I Feel Good' on her mirror in her chosen shade before kissing the mirror and walking off screen.

A mock cast list then features "in order of appearance" the various products used in the clip.