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Bella Hadid: I dress for myself

Bella Hadid: I dress for myself

Bella Hadid has always been independent with her style.

The 18-year-old model is paving her own path in the world of fashion, following in the footsteps of her mother Yolanda Foster and older sister Gigi, 20.

With such a stylish family, it's no wonder Bella has grown up with a knack for looking fab.

"My whole life I've been pretty independent with my style, and my mom has been really giving when it comes to that," she told POPSUGAR. "When I was super young I would paint my nails black and wear eyeliner and she let me do what I wanted to, which really shaped my style."

Even now Bella follows her instincts when choosing what to wear, picking anything from a vintage T-shirt to a pair of overalls depending on her mood.

But it isn't just her own pieces that the brunette beauty likes to rock: she and Gigi often share clothes, even though it doesn't always go down well.

"I have this belt that she really wants back, but she has four of my sweaters. Yesterday she was wearing my sweater and she's calling me out for wearing her belt!" Bella laughed. "Don't talk to me about your belt if you're going to wear my sweater."

The siblings have different tastes, with Gigi favouring bright colours while Bella gravitates towards leather and dark shades.

Like her sister, Bella has a big following on social media and boasts over a million followers on Instagram. It's a great outlet for the star and a chance to show her fans who she really is.

"I love taking pictures, so it's really cool to be able to put that on Instagram or Twitter and show them," she smiled.

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