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Bella Hadid 'hard' on herself

Bella Hadid 'hard' on herself

Bella Hadid is "really hard" on herself.

The 18-year-old model has admitted she would "cry" when she didn't get a job in the past but insists sister Gigi Hadid is her rock.

She said: "I've always been really hard on myself. If I didn't book a job, I would cry ...

"Gigi really helped me. She would say, 'It's not about you.'"

And if the siblings model side by side on a shoot, they always make sure they have a good time.

She added: "During one shoot, we literally sang Broadway songs the whole time."

Meanwhile, Bella has admitted that she and mother Yolanda Foster are amazed by her success.

She shared: "My mom and I were Facetiming the other day and she said, 'It's so crazy how much you've done in such a short time that others don't get to do in a lifetime.'

"It was a really gratifying moment because I look up to her so much and since I've started modelling, it hit me. I love this and I want to do it for a really long time."

And because of her international fame, Bella has had to keep up her profile on social media despite it getting too "personal" sometimes.

She told Editorialist magazine: "I used to post a lot of me and my friends but it got really personal. Now I just try to base it off of work.

"Back in the day, you really had to hustle, but these days you don't need a portfolio. You can just look up someone's Instagram."