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Bella Hadid dyed her hair to not look like Gigi

FashionBy Sunday World
Bella Hadid dyed her hair to not look like Gigi

Bella Hadid dyed her hair to avoid confusion with her sister Gigi.

The 19-year-old model - who is a natural blonde - has admitted she coloured her hair brown so people can distinguish between her and her older sister, and fellow catwalk star, who is known for her long golden locks.

Speaking to WWD, she said: "I think because my sister and I are so close, it's nice to have the change [of hair colour]."

However, the American beauty is not averse to experimenting with various other hair colours.

She said: "When I was younger, I dyed my hair blue. I love showing my style through my hair. When I was younger, I cut it and dyed it and it just stuck for a while."

Despite Bella - who signed to IMG Models in 2014, three years after her 20-year-old sister - wanting to distinguish her appearance from her sibling, the pair enjoy working together and love sharing career advice with one another.

When asked whether they give each other tips, Bella said: "Because we're so close in age, we've always been really close. We get to work together too now, which is great, being able to bounce ideas off each other."