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Behati Prinsloo's juicy new designs

Behati Prinsloo's juicy new designs

Behati Prinsloo was nervous about what her model pals would think of her Juicy Couture line.

The Namibian beauty has turned her attention away from the catwalk, focusing instead on the design process. She’s joined forces with Juicy, creating a capsule collection perfect for summer.

“I was only a little nervous because I really loved the process and how the collection went from sketches, to samples to being on figure, and you never know what the reaction would be,” she smiled to “But then once I shared the look book with people, they sent me such sweet notes of support. The support has been great.”

To help her come up with the ideas, Behati created a mood board filled with 1970s imagery and beach and surf inspirations.

The model, who is currently expecting her first child with husband Adam Levine, loved being on the other side of fashion for a change.

“I did!” she enthused. “I loved having a voice in the design process, and collaborating with the team. It was a very fun collaborative process with the Juicy Couture design team, and we all knew that the short-shorts, baby tees, the denim duster, the slides—pretty much everything—had to be in there.”

Behati has been wearing Juicy clothes since she was at high school, so teaming up was a natural fit.

Thanks to her Victoria’s Secret status, the 26-year-old is a regular on the red carpet. Plus her rocker husband fronts band Maroon 5, so she is a regular at glitzy events.

“My favourite way of getting ready for a red carpet event is to turn the hair and make-up time into a bit of a pre-party. I use the same artists all of the time so we know each other so well, so it’s a hanging with friends session,” she explained. “Music, lots of laughing, and food—because you must eat before the event.” 

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