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Behati Prinsloo likes to be bold with nighttime make-up

Behati Prinsloo likes to be bold with nighttime make-up

Behati Prinsloo makes an "edgy" statement with make-up on the rare occasions that she wears it.

The Nambian model, who is currently pregnant with her and musician husband Adam Levine’s first child, can look almost unrecognisable at times when dolled up in warpaint for catwalk shows and campaigns. She isn’t as experimental with beauty away from her work but tries to mix things up whenever she can.

“Usually I don’t wear much but every now and then I’ll try something edgy,” she told HELLO! Fashion Monthly when asked if she has a signature make-up look. “If I’m going for a natural look I use a dash of blush or bronzer like Kevin Aucoin’s Tropical Days, but for a night out I love a smoky eye with a nude gloss.”

To keep her skin glowing underneath the cosmetics, Behati says her secret is all down to aloe vera plants. She uses its gloopy liquid straight from the leaf as a moisturiser, keeping her hydrated when out in the sun.

Nothing much has changed regarding her beauty routine since announcing her pregnancy in March (16) as she reasons she’s always followed a good, well-balanced diet. And thanks to Behati being extremely active as a youngster, the 27-year-old has a killer figure too.

“Growing up I did a lot of different sports,” she recalled. “These days I really enjoy yoga and golf. It’s a lot easier to find the motivation to work and be active somewhere sunny like Los Angeles.”

One of Behati’s biggest fashion gigs at the moment is with Juicy Couture. She has designed a clothing range for the brand and fronts its perfumes – a perfect role for her as fragrance plays such a big part in her life.

“I love that their fragrances always make a statement because scent is one of the first things people notice,” she said.

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