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Behati Prinsloo designs for Juicy Couture

Behati Prinsloo designs for Juicy Couture

Model Behati Prinsloo is creating a "comfy" collection with Juicy Couture.

Usually known for modelling clothes, the runway star is now turning her hand to designing them instead. It's all about catering for girls on the go, who want to look good while still going about their everyday tasks.

“I travel so much so I wanted to create pieces that were really comfy but with a fashionable twist,” she explained to Teen Vogue.

Being married to rocker Adam Levine has clearly rubbed off on the model, who likes her clothes to be relaxed but with a slight edge. She's also going for a retro take on things.

“I was inspired by the vibes and colours from '70s roller skate and skateboard culture - just stuff that’s really fun and easy," she added.

In keeping with this, she's designed Bermuda shorts, bomber jackets, bandanas and slider sandals. There are also pieces that look like denim but are actually a much softer material.

“Juicy Couture is so iconic so I wanted to bring a little bit of something different to the brand while still remaining true to who they are,” she smiled. “This collection is really for any active girl who wants to throw on an outfit that’s comfy yet cute.”

The collection is set to hit stores on 15 April 2016.

Behati got her big break when she started modelling for luxury lingerie label Victoria's Secret. Although she's a pro on the runway these days, it wasn't so easy when she started out.

"I was so nervous in the beginning," she previously admitted to The Edit. "You're in your underwear in front of all these staring people. But it really does motivate you to be your best and look your best. All the girls are doing squats backstage!"

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