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Barbara Palvin slams love life speculation

Barbara Palvin slams love life speculation

Barbara Palvin thinks rumours about her dating life are “ridiculous”.

The Hungarian model has been making a name for herself in recent years, working with big brands including Prada, Vivienne Westwood and Chanel. But her new found fame has also meant a spotlight on her love life, with rumours circulating last year that she was dating One Direction singer Niall Horan. The 21-year-old thinks such speculation is stupid.

“The most ridiculous ones were when I was dating guys. I’m single for two years now,” she told Vogue Australia in a behind the scenes video. “That was a hint guys, I’m single!”

Her solo status may come as a surprise to many considering her beauty, as well as her work with the likes of lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret.

But Barbara still sees herself as the down to earth girl from Budapest and can still recall her less than glamorous first modelling job.

“[It] was in Budapest for a wildlife magazine and I was on the cover and I didn’t have some teeth so they actually photoshopped it, because I was like this,” she explained before grinning widely to the camera.

Since then the star has honed her modelling skills and during her chat with the outlet, she tried to pinpoint what her signature look is.

“I don’t know, it’s a touch your hair look,” she said.

Barbara also kindly shared some modelling basics with the camera, particularly how to strut down the runway. Having walked at Fashion Weeks all over the world, she is something of an expert.

“When my agent told me how to hold the runway, he was always like push your hip forward, loosen your shoulders and move your hips,” she laughed as she demonstrated.

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