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Barbara Palvin: My life is so different now

Barbara Palvin: My life is so different now

Barbara Palvin finds it a “weird feeling” when she thinks about how different her life is to her friends.

The Hungarian model was scouted when she was just 13. Since then she has gone on to build an impressive portfolio, working with the likes of Chanel and Prada as well as being a L’Oreal Paris ambassador for the last three years. While Barbara loves her job, she does often think about how different her life could have been if she had remained in her hometown with her pals.

“Of course I think about it, but when I’m home I get back to the same life it was before I started modelling,” she explained to Vogue Australia. “Actually it’s when I’m away that I think about it. That they’re [her friends] are doing the same things I do when I’m home, like going for a drink here, or going watch a movie there. And then I realise, well I’m in Sydney, I’m going to climb the bridge. It is a weird feeling.”

Having been signed as a model from such a young age, Barbara didn’t want to travel alone, so brought her mother along with her until she was 18. The beauty is thankful for her parents support in letting her go after her dreams.

“My dad was always like ‘go, bring home the money!’” she laughed. “But my mum was travelling with me for five years. I look up to them.”

Home for Barbara is now New York City. And while a lot of people may think that models lead crazy lives even in their down time, the reality for the style star is very different.

“I read a lot. I’ve just finished you know the Maze Runner? The second part of it,” she revealed. “In New York I live with my friend Stella. She’s the one who always takes me to different restaurants and places. Or I sleep! Really, I don’t get out of my room.”

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