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Barbara Palvin: I'm a tomboy

Barbara Palvin: I'm a tomboy

Barbara Palvin's friends consider her one of the guys.

The 21-year-old model was scouted on the streets of Budapest in 2006 and has already landed magazine covers such as Vogue Russia and Glamour Hungary, along with posing for the likes of H&M and Armani Exchange.

Despite often dressing up in feminine attire for her work, Barbara isn't a girly girl at heart.

"I'm very tomboyish. My friends did a surprise birthday party for a friend and it was all guys and then they called me like, 'Are you coming?' and I said, 'I thought you were having a guy night.' And they said, 'Yeah but you're almost a guy.' 'OK, cool thank you I'm coming,'" she smiled to Vogue Australia.

This is reflected through her taste in clothes. When it comes to her day-to-day attire, Barbara keeps things casual.

"Skinny jeans usually, and something more baggy on the top. Sporty, comfy, casual," she added. "Not always trainers, but if I don't have to, I don't wear high heels. It's really just if something looks good on me, I'm going to buy it. It can be Zara or Chanel... I'm going to buy it."

Her laidback style is also evident in her skincare routine; the brunette beauty keeps things minimal and relies on a splash of cold water twice a day. She also follows the popular rule among models of not going to bed with make-up on, and when she's jet-setting for her job Barbara applies L'Oréal Hydrafresh to keep her complexion moisturised.

When she isn't busy globetrotting, Barbara enjoys cooking traditional Hungarian foods for her friends.

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