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Bar Refaeli takes a roll in the hay for Agent Provocateur

Bar Refaeli takes a roll in the hay for Agent Provocateur

Bar Refaeli was a "good sport" during her risqué Agent Provocateur shoot, despite having to wear skimpy underwear in the rain.

The stunning model is the star of Agent Provacateur's new campaign, donning lingerie and rolling in the hay for the farm-inspired ads. Looking at the pictures, the blonde bombshell couldn't look more comfortable, but creative director Sarah Shotton tells a different story.

“There we were in our North Face puffer jackets, hoping for some sun," she laughed to WWD, adding that instead, the day was cold and rainy.

“Thank God for Bar — she was a really good sport, waiting in the stables until the sun came out. And she is really hot — you can’t look like that and feel the cold.”

Bar was Sarah's first choice for the shoot thanks to her "feline quality". She certainly seems like the perfect fit, looking stunning in garments including lacy bras and sheer bodysuits.

The pieces might not look that practical, but Sarah says she's noticed a trend for women to want lingerie that's sporty and multitasks.

“They also want to show off our lingerie and are looking for something that is out of the ordinary," she added.

Bar's amazing pictures will be used for online and in-store ads. So how does she look so good in shoots? The model says it's all down to research.

"It's a matter of experience," she previously told "I've done a lot of learning. I used to buy a lot of fashion magazines and see all the poses of the girls. I'd buy Sports Illustrated and see the specific poses and how girls look better and the best angles – it's like reading up on material for a test and learning what's good. Look at pictures of yourself and learn lights. It's a matter of exercise."

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