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Band of Outsiders to close?

Band of Outsiders to close?

Band of Outsiders has sparked speculation it is shutting.

The label was founded by Scott Sternberg in January 2004 and is thought to be going through a period of turmoil.

Website Fashionista was first to report the news late yesterday, claiming the company has made most of its staff redundant and cancelled orders for its fall line. The outlet suggests the fashion house doesn't have enough money to produce the line, citing multiple sources who had worked there.

It's also thought that its vice president of marketing and communications, Nicole Cari, has already left the label.

When Scott founded the company it was known for men's shirts and ties. Then in 2007 he moved into womenswear and scored a nomination by the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund the following year.

Things continued to progress, with the designer chatting about his plans for his company in 2010.

"I'm just trying to maintain an honest and growing dialogue with people," he told Wall Street Journal. "Over time, the plan is to offer a wider range of products and price points, and I don't think that at all compromises the dialogue."

In November Scott spoke at a conference held by Fashionista in Los Angeles and gave some stern advice to people hoping to follow in his footsteps. He explained that a very clear and fresh vision is what is absolutely essential in the industry, or else things won't work out.

"I think that the world of a collection brand, unless you’re really, really sure that you have this original vision, and you have the resources to execute it on a runway and you can compete with Balenciaga and Vuitton because you’re on the same where everybody is, then you should not do that because it’s a lot of work, it’s really, really hard to realise that," he said.

Although Fashionista was unable to get a comment on the story, WWD has spoken to Scott. Not much more information was available, with the designer recommending people not to believe any wild rumours they read.

"Nobody knows anything at this point but me,” he said, “and I’ve been advised not to comment at this time."

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