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Ashley Tisdale: Gel nail polish is 'overrated'

Ashley Tisdale: Gel nail polish is 'overrated'

Ashley Tisdale thinks gel nail polish is "overrated".

The 'High School Musical' star is a bigger fan of traditional nail polish as she doesn't like the idea of having UV rays beamed onto her skin when she tries to set the gel.

She said: "I'd say that gel nail polish gel is overrated and regular nail polish is underrated.

"Everyone is all about gel, but it's actually unhealthy for you with all the UV rays hitting your skin. Plus, it's such a process trying to remove them."

And whilst the 30-year-old goes for a "beachy, bronzy look" for her everyday make-up, she is "torn between" blusher or bronzer.

She shared: "I love the beachy, bronzy look with a good cat-eye. I'm so torn between the two [blusher or bronzer], but I'd have to say bronzer. You can get away with just bronzer, but you can't do just blush. I like to bronze it up!

When it comes to her lip colour, Ashley - who will soon be launching her own make-up range - prefers a peachy colour for the day or a bold tone if she's running out of time to do her full routine.

She added to E! News' The Beauty Beat: "It all really depends. Coral, peachy lip glosses are perfect for the day, which is why I added those colours to my Illuminate collection. When I'm short on time and in a rush, I'll add a quick touch of mascara and a bold dark lip, which easily sophisticates a wardrobe."