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Ashley Graham: 'Think sexy to be sexy'

Ashley Graham: 'Think sexy to be sexy'

Ashley Graham believes sexy is a “state of mind”.

The plus-size model has become one of the hottest names in fashion thanks to her campaigns and determination in helping diversify the industry. Ashley doesn’t view her sex appeal as something aesthetic though, insisting that to be attractive you must feel it within.

"Sexy is a state of mind and it can come in all shapes and sizes," she told Grazia Daily. "It is different for every person. It could be full hair and make-up; no hair and make-up. Just out of the shower or going to a red carpet event. All those things to me embody sexy.

"I just don't live my life in a world where I am not feeling my best and feeling my best is feeling sexy."

Feeling comfortable in her own skin took some time though, as she went through troubles after first moving to New York to pursue her career. Along with a boyfriend distorting her outlook she was even criticised by a photographer on a shoot regarding her enviable curves, though Ashley’s mother was quick to step in.

"I remember being told by my very first photographer, that if I lost weight and I was a skinny model it would do wonders for my career," she recalled.

"My mom got really defensive - 'I don't think we will be doing that, thank you so much, goodbye.'"

But even now she’s embraced her figure the brunette beauty finds she still receives backlash online, and earlier this year (16) she was slammed for appearing too skinny while posing in a leather jacket on Instagram. Ashley penned a piece for Lena Dunham’s Lenny Letter on the incident and still can’t believe the comments she received.

"Never in my life did I get so much hate for being skinny," she exclaimed. "I mean, I've definitely heard: 'you're not plus-sized enough' but this was insane.”

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