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Ashley Graham: 'Belly fat is always there'

Ashley Graham: 'Belly fat is always there'

Ashley Graham isn't afraid to talk about her struggle with her "lower belly fat".

The Sports Illustrated model often flaunts her curves in lingerie and swimwear campaigns, as well as in snaps on Instagram. She's an inspiration to fuller-figured ladies around the world, but admits it's hard work to maintain her hourglass physique, especially while on the road.

"It's a challenge every day," she explained to Entertainment Tonight of keeping healthy. "I still have my moments where I will pig out, but I always balance it out with a really hard work out, or the next day - I really... I don't beat myself up over it - so I'll eat healthy the next day.

"(I struggle with) my lower belly fat. I think so many women have it, and I am not afraid to talk about it. But when it is there, and it is poking out after burgers and fries, I'm like, 'Uhhh,' but you throw on a cute pair of Spanx and keep going."

Ashley, 29, doesn't let her hang-ups hold her back though and relies on a personal trainer "yelling" at her to keep her active, as she's no good at relaxed workouts.

She wants to be a bigger inspiration for her fans and would love her own fitness programme, and is even thinking of hosting her own chat show.

"I just have to ask my fans and the women who follow me, 'What do you want?'" she added.

"They just want to know that they can work out, and they can push their body to the limit despite their size. There's so many different directions I could take my talk show, but I think a lot of it has to do with a younger generation of girls who've got eating disorders, who hate themselves, who go to school and are so miserable and think that they're going to die because they aren't pretty or thin enough."

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