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Ashish celebrates fashion milestone

Ashish celebrates fashion milestone

Ashish Gupta feels like he’s spent a lifetime in fashion.

The designer showed off his Spring/Summer 16 collection on the last day of London Fashion Week yesterday (22Sep15), in a bright display of his signature sequin look.

As well as the successful show, Ashish is celebrating a decade in the industry; a feat he can’t believe has come around.

“Partly it feels like it’s been a lifetime, but then also I think, 'Where did the last decade go?' In a way it’s been so non-stop that I haven’t really paused to take a breath, to take stock - I’ve just been going and going. So I don’t quite know how I feel,” he told Hunger magazine, adding he is a little tired.

“But there is also a sense of accomplishment. Ten years is just in relation to fashion week; I’ve been doing collections for longer than that.”

He attributes his successful reign with sticking to his guns. He also singles out the support he has received over the year.

Known for his use of sequins, Ashish utilised the sparkles once again for S/S16. Models strutted the runway in nude coloured mini dresses with silver sequins, as well as matching shorts and jacket combos sprinkled with glitter.

Men walked alongside women too, in deigns that were just as bright and fun .

“I’ve always been fascinated by dressing up and the concept of glamour,” Ashish explained of his love of sequins.

“I love big cities - I could never live in a small town, it would just bore me. I love the vibrancy and the nightlife. I love how people dress when they go out at night, and how cities come alive at night. I think people change when they get dressed up. It’s that old culture of being sexy and going out, and there’s a kind of freedom about it. It’s just sex! “

He adds sequins can have different connotations, from being trash to luxurious.

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