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Armani: I can't quit

Armani: I can't quit

Giorgio Armani thinks choosing to leave his label would be self- centred.

The Italian powerhouse is among the A-list's favourite designer labels, and his creations can always be seen at the world's most glitzy events. When Armani co-founder, and Giorgio's former lover, Sergio Galeotti died in 1985, Giorgio was forced to carry on alone. He admits that not everyone believed he could do it, but he's glad he did.

"Now, I could decide today to leave this business. But I look in the faces of everyone here. The mailman who has children. The young woman who has finally made it to a job at Armani. Or the people who have been here for 30 years. All of this prevents me from making what is, in the end, the self-centred decision to stop," he told American GQ.

He muses that maybe he should have become a writer instead, as that way he wouldn't have to deal with the press and would be able to express himself more.

"In the fashion world, you have to make clothes to sell, you have to make clothes for the press, you have to make clothes for yourself. What I mean is, everything is an obligation. But a writer? A pure artist? Maybe he doesn't make one lira, but: He does what he wants," he sighed.

At the age of 80 Giorgio is still going strong and says it's all to do with discipline. Making sure he stays in shape is of utmost importance to the celebrated fashion star.

"A well-maintained physique is a great business card. Ideas and intelligence are what matters, but if you have a well-maintained physique, it's better," he smiled.

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