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Arizona Muse talks work obsession

Arizona Muse talks work obsession

Arizona Muse used to be obsessed with working.

The American beauty began modelling as a teenager and has worked with some of fashion's biggest brands, including Louis Vuitton, Isabel Marant and Yves Saint Laurent.

While she loves her vocation, Arizona has learnt to be more chilled out when it comes to work - although the 26-year-old still enjoys being praised, like when Anna Wintour called her “a gorgeous, smart, grown-up”.

“That was so nice,” Arizona smiled to The Edit. “I don’t know where it comes from, but I do have a really strong work ethic. To the point where, for a while, I was borderline obsessed with working all the time, and if I had a day off, I felt useless. I don’t feel like that’s the healthiest [way to be] anymore; I wouldn’t want to live my whole career like that.

"I noticed after a while I wasn’t feeling great, I’d lost track of what it was that I actually liked to do and who I really was, and what my parenting ethics were. I still really believe in working, but I’m much more relaxed about it now.”

Arizona is a proud mum to Nikko, who she had at 19. Being a single mother means the style star has had to consider her career in relation to her son, and the two are about to relocate to Brooklyn from London, UK.

The move will hopefully see both Arizona and Nikko more settled in a routine.

“One of the big reasons I’m moving back to New York is because leaving Nikko all the time just doesn’t work anymore. He struggles, I struggle, and during the times that I don’t travel, I notice how our home life smoothes out and everything falls into place again, and that’s so important.

"It’s not possible to say that I [can’t] travel for work, but I don’t have a second parent to leave my child with. It just doesn’t work. So I really need to live here, and then it’s reasonable for me to say, ‘I live in New York, I want to work as much as possible, but I can’t travel,'" she explained. ?

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