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Arizona Muse: Pretty and proud

Arizona Muse: Pretty and proud

Model Arizona Muse is less apologetic about wearing make-up these days, after previously feeling she had to complain about it.

The 27-year-old star has posed for some of fashion's biggest names, including Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent, since breaking into the industry, and she's only getting more successful.

In this time, Arizona has also grown in confidence and embraced her femininity.

"We were all trying to be boys and be tough," she told Britain's Elle magazine of her youth. "It took me a while to come into myself, to come into my sexuality.

"I wear make-up and enjoy it now, whereas before I felt like I had to complain about it like, 'Oh my god, I'm wearing so much make-up, it looks awful.' I'm less apologetic about that now. Sometimes I just want to wear a dress."

She puts her outlook as a teenager down to being surrounded by feminists. As her own mother and her friend's mums had children in later life, Arizona witnessed them fight for female rights during her childhood.

Rebelling against being a typical girl didn't come naturally for Arizona though.

"I didn't wear any nail polish, wouldn't put on make-up," she recalled. "I was curious about it but it wasn't cool, which is really strange. I wish that it had been encouraged and fostered, to see what it's like to be girly, and to try these really feminine things that are fun and that I really enjoy now."

Arizona is currently one of the biggest names in the fashion world, with a reputation for being quiet and composed on the job. While many may see this as a sign of maturity, the brunette beauty insists that isn't the case. In fact, she admits she keeps herself to herself to avoid saying anything stupid or embarrassing.

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