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Arizona Muse: 'Motherhood grounded my career'

Arizona Muse: 'Motherhood grounded my career'

Arizona Muse says being a mother has helped "ground" her career as a model.

The 28-year-old fashion star welcomed son Nikko in 2009 and was back in the spotlight just a year later, working with the likes of Marc Jacobs and Urban Outfitters. However, she recently took a break from the catwalk and was absent for several seasons, before returning for the recent Spring/Summer 17 shows such as Prada and Chanel.

“In terms of doing shows, yes, it is a comeback, but the rest of my work has continued all along," she told "From my experience, the industry has always been amenable to me as a mother. If anything, being a mother probably helped my career. It grounded me. Even though I was very young, I had great sense of purpose.”

Before agreeing to take to the runway once more, Arizona made an effort to reconnect with designers who helped boost her career. She has walked for and became the face of Prada in 2011 and worked under designer Karl Lagerfeld’s direction for both Chanel and Fendi. So when she reunited with them again this year (16) it held a special meaning for the brunette beauty.

“Doing Chanel the first time marked a great start to my career, and each of my subsequent walks for them was similarly exciting,” she smiled. “Working with Karl Lagerfeld again and opening this season’s show in the Grand Palais felt not just good, but grand, and a real milestone in my career.

“Miuccia (Prada) is such an iconic designer. I feel very lucky to spend this time working with her. Both my first show with Prada and the one this season were exclusive. This made each a really big deal (for me).”

And it seems slowing down her workload to focus on Nikko has given her a new perspective, as not only does she feel she has grown an “enormous amount” over the last few years, but she’s also looking forward to what the future holds for her career.

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