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Arizona Muse: I have my style favourites

Arizona Muse: I have my style favourites

Arizona Muse always ends up wearing the same things over and over.

The 26-year-old model is one of the best-known faces in the fashion industry and has appeared in campaigns for brands including Miu Miu, Prada and Fendi.

With all those connections to designers, it would stand to reason that Arizona has unlimited access to the latest trends. But in reality, the beauty sticks to her old favourites.

"I only plan an outfit in advance if I have to get up really early," she admitted to German magazine Jolie. "Otherwise, I barely think about it. I always have favourites that I literally wear over and over until they get buried in the depths of my closet for an unknown period of time again."

Arizona's style is cool and classic, with the model often spotted out on the red carpet in a chic dress. On days off she keeps it casual and shared her tips with fans who want to emulate her style.

"At the moment I am loving black leggings," she said. "If they're made of a thicker material and fit well, you can combine them with pretty much anything. And my favourite summer combo is cool, light boots with a cute dress or a short skirt. When it comes to colours, I have clear favourites: I love earthy tones, beige, khaki and brown."

Arizona gave birth to her son Nikko with ex Manuel Quintana when she was 20, so she reasons she's never known adulthood without a child in tow. It's helped her adapt quickly and she thinks it would have been more difficult for her to welcome a baby for the first time at the age she is now.

Juggling motherhood and modelling has always worked for Arizona, who used to take Nikko on jobs with her and is now considering a move to New York, where most of her work is.

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