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Anne Valérie Hash got giddy over Gainsbourg

Anne Valérie Hash got giddy over Gainsbourg

Anne Valérie Hash tried to remain calm when she met Charlotte Gainsbourg.

French actress Charlotte is fronting the new Comptoir des Cotonniers campaign, alongside her 12-year-old daughter Alice Attal.

Anne, the French label's creative director, is a Charlotte admirer and had to force herself to remain cool when they shot the ads.

"Even if I was a superfan, I tried to remain calm," Anne smiled to Vogue US. “It was like reality and a dream coming together."

The stunning photos were captured by Alasdair McLellan and show the two channelling Comptoir des Cotonniers' cool vibe in garments like leather jackets, skin-tight black trousers and fresh white sneakers. Alice looks like a replica of her mum, with both wearing their dark hair loose and in a centre part.

Anne also helms her own label, but has taken a break from it since starting at Comptoir des Cotonniers. This has meant she's gone from designing for a niche market to a much wider, global audience.

“They took a risk when they chose me. But I was open and they were open, and that doesn’t happen all the time," she explained.

While she concedes that one day she'll go back to her own label, for now all of her focus is on her current job.

“For the moment, I am 100 per cent in-house for Comptoir and I’m really engaged. And I couldn’t have done both. I was really lucky with the timing. And when I accepted, I was already convinced," she recalled.

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