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Anne Fontaine gets shirty

Anne Fontaine gets shirty

Anne Fontaine created her range of white shirts "by accident".

The Franco-Brazilian designer has become famous with The White Shirt range, offering a variety of designs, from pleated blouses to embroidered vest tops. She may now be synonymous with the classic pieces but Anne admits the venture wasn't planned.

"White has a lot of symbolic meaning in Brazil, where it is the colour of happiness and is said to bring good luck," she explained to "I came to design my own brand of white shirts by accident really. I moved to France when I was 18 to study biology and never imagined I would become a fashion designer."

Anne's eponymous label also boasts dresses, bags and various accessories such as belts, jewellery and sunglasses. It was one particular moment in which the fashionista realised her true calling was to create a unique collection of clean-cut shirts.

"It all began one day when I came across an old trunk filled with white shirts that my husband's family had produced," she recalled fondly. "I instantly knew I wanted to create a line of white button-up shirts! With my love for white coming from my homeland of Brazil, the idea just felt right!"

Clothing isn't Anne's only passion; she also helms the Anne Fontaine Foundation, which supports the conservation efforts in Brazil's Atlantic Forest. She spent some time living in the Amazon when she was younger so it's a cause close to her heart.

"As life passed other opportunities came up but now that my own company is mature, I thought it was time to give back, work with the hope of leaving something for my children and grandchildren," she shared earlier this year. "In a way I wanted to plant my own seed and work towards helping this world not getting more degraded."

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