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Anna Wintour 'makes Madrid stopover'

Anna Wintour 'makes Madrid stopover'

Editor-in-chief of US Vogue Anna Wintour will reportedly hold a talk in Madrid to "strengthen commercial relations" between Spain and America.

The artistic director of Condé Nast will be heading to Paris Fashion Week when it kicks off tomorrow (29Sep15) but according to WWD, she'll make a detour first. During a flying visit in the Spanish capital today (28Sep15), she'll arrive as guest of Ambassador James Costos.

She'll take part in a conversation with interior designer Michael Smith, with the purpose being “to strengthen commercial relations between the US and Spain".

A group of design students, aspiring designers and established fashion figure Alvaro Castejón will apparently be among the selected people meeting at Museo del Traje this morning (28Sep15). It's thought 53 invitations were also sent to the Spanish Fashion Designers’ Association, but press will not be allowed access.

It's no surprise Anna was selected as guest of honour, as she's considered one of the most important people in the fashion industry.

During a recent podcast she revealed her family sparked her business drive.

"I was brought up in a family of journalists, and a mother who was deeply committed to human rights, so I think that the mix of those two huge influences have been very, very important to me," she explained.

"And I was able to see my father for many, many years - he was an editor for as long as I have been [an editor]. I learned what it was to be an editor, I think. And I learned how important it is to lead and be decisive, and to, in a way, empower other people to do their best. And I think that’s really what I’m proud of in [the September 15] issue, is that a lot of freedom was given to a lot of people, and they all came back trumps..."

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