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Anna Wintour grateful for girl pals

Anna Wintour grateful for girl pals

Anna Wintour is proud to have a group of friends she has no barrier with.

The editor-in-chief of American Vogue has been a major player in the fashion industry for over four decades, and is a regular on all the major front rows. Despite that she's kept the rest of her life out of the limelight, and she has a close-knit group of pals to thank for that.

"I have a really close group of wonderful women who I’d rather keep to myself. I do feel that there are issues, private concerns that if you have a relationship going back many years... I have one girlfriend in London that I’m thinking about; she lives there and I live here, but there’s no sense of barrier," she explained to New York magazine. "We’ve known each other since we were 16; you just pick up the conversation and there’s nothing we’re embarrassed about saying to each other and we’re also very honest."

This also helps Anna feel grounded, and she assures that despite what others say she doesn't think of herself as an icon. All she wants is to do the best job she can and try her hardest at whatever task is in front of her.

Of interest to the 65-year-old is the way in the industry has changed since she's been involved in it. Online has become increasingly important over the last few years, with things like social media now taking centre stage. Anna doesn't use those kinds of sites but understands their importance and doesn't look down on them, explaining nowadays people are more likely to tell friends about the life via Twitter than on the phone.

That comes with some cause for concern for the star though. She is a supporter of The Youth Anxiety Center in New York City, which helps young people with severe anxiety and depression. Anna worries there is too much pressure on young people to be old before their time, which is why so many of them have mental health problems.

"I ask myself that a lot, and I think because of this mass of information coming at young people, plus the way they talk to each other online and how vulnerable they are at that age," she replied, when asked what she thinks causes the anxiety. "It just has to make people anxious. How could it not? It’s such a barrage of information coming at them every which way. I’m so grateful for Lena Dunham13 and Emma Stone14, who are out there talking about these issues and making young people realise that they’re not alone and that it should be talked about."

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