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Anja Rubik uses eye shadow as lip liner

Anja Rubik uses eye shadow as lip liner

Anja Rubik uses eye shadow as lip liner.

The 32-year-old model - who has fronted campaigns for luxury designer brands Chanel and Chloe - has admitted she dabs on her favourite taupe-coloured eye make-up to accentuate her assets when she has "forgotten" her lip contouring product.

Speaking to Stylist magazine about the cosmetic item she supplements for her lipstick, the blonde beauty said: "If I've forgotten my lip liner, I use my favourite taupe powder eye shadow instead.

"I put a tiny bit of Burberry's Eye Colour Silk in Almond on a lip brush and use it to trace the outside of my lips. It creates a shadow that makes the lips seem a lot fuller."

And Anja believes you don't "always" need to wear mascara but can give the illusion of longer eyelashes by curling them instead.

Speaking previously she said: "Less is more: a very heavy base isn't very modern.

"Plus, you don't always need mascara, just curl your eyelashes to open up your eyes."

However, Anja - who fronted the Kerastase L'Incroyable Blowdry Visions of Style campaign last year - avoids wearing waterproof make-up because she struggles to remove it at the end of the day.

She said: "Usually I try to stay away from waterproof products because they're really difficult to wash off."

Meanwhile Anja, who launched her debut fragrance Original by Anya Rubik last year, has revealed she tests perfumes by spraying them directly onto her clothes rather than on the paper testers to get a better "feeling" of the scent.

She explained: "I like to test new fragrances on a sweater, rather than those paper sticks. When you pull a sweater on, you'll get more of a feeling if that scent is for you than smelling it on a little piece of paper. I used this trick when formulating my own fragrance."